Core Team Member - Founder Director

“It’s not Diabetes that stops you from chasing your dreams, it’s the fear within you that stands like a Wall between the two. Break that Wall!”. These are the words from Mridula Kapil Bhargava, a public health professional, IMPH, from the Hebrew University-Hadassah Braun School of Public Health and Community Medicine, Israel, batch 2017-18. Mridula is passionate to help people with Diabetes better manage their condition by empowering them with the essential tools according to their individual as well as population needs. She herself has type-1 Diabetes from past 28 years and strongly believes that her condition combined with the skills in Public Health can extensively contribute towards Diabetes education, policy-making and patient empowerment.

Mridula was born and brought-up in New Delhi, India. She is a graduate in Biotechnology and a post-graduate in Nano-Biotechnology. Her determination and fighters’ spirit has led her achieve a number of impressive accomplishments such as being among the top 50 leaders in Novartis Leadership Camp 2013, cover-girl of “THE WEEK” magazine (the largest circulated English news-magazine in India) (2013), and amongst the top 50 innovators in INTEL-DST Digital India Challenge 2015. She received the prestigious Bakken Invitation Award in 2017-2018 (in photo, with Dr Earl Bakken – founder of Medtronic – among the world’s largest medical equipment development companies). She is currently handling several national and international projects focusing upon diabetes as well as adolescents.



Dr. Aayushi Rao

BDS, MBA Healthcare


Core Team Member - Community Education

Hi everyone! My name is Aayushi. I live in Delhi. I am a Dentist by profession and public health enthusiast at heart. After my BDS, I went for masters in Healthcare management from Moscow, Russia. My major is kind of my backup plan right now, while my minor is what I really want to pursue.

I have an on-field experience with research teams and have volunteered for various Public Health Awareness Campaigns. It is due to my inclination towards the health of the population as a whole that I got in touch with Type 1 Diabetes Fighters Trust (dfighters), an organization devoted for creating awareness, support and development of tools to train diabetes patients with their caregivers. I firmly believe “Never give up on your determination to Fight and Win against Type 1 Diabetes!”

Core Team Member - Community Management

Hi, my name is Khushi Ahuja and I am brought up in Delhi. I have completed my schooling from Montfort School and St. Thomas’ School with humanities and I was one of the CBSE toppers with 96.75%. I am currently pursuing my graduation in B.A.L.L.B from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, Indraprastha University.

I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 11 and I have been fighting it throughout the roller coaster ride for 8 years, so I penned down a short poem to describe my experience.

I have qualified Sangeet Prabhakar examination and have a diploma in Bharatanatyam under the guidance of Mr. Mahesh George, I have devoted 14 years of my life learning the art. I am also trained in Sattriya under Adhyapak Haricharan Bhuyan Barbayan, learned Manipuri dance along with other folk dances, and have performed Odissi at the World Cultural Fest. I have studied fine arts, up to the senior secondary level, scoring a 100% in CBSE boards along with participation in two exhibitions at the India Habitat Centre. I was also a part of the German Art exchange Programme in Berlin and the winner of the young artist award at the Delhi level art camp. I have won several awards and prizes at the state, district, zonal, and inter-zonal competitions in dance, art, music, drama, and poetry. 


Khushi Ahuja



Deeksha Budhiraja

Pursuing Psychology


Core Team Member - Creative Content Manager

‘‘The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.’’

Deeksha Budhiraja is pursuing her graduation in applied psychology honours. Recognizing  how the quality of her own life has been profoundly enhanced by self-reflection, the indispensable lesson of coming to a deeper understanding of self, encourages her to try and be a catalyst for this kind of change in other’s lives. she’s motivated to empower people to feel confident enough in who they are. When life as a psychology student feels exceptionally challenging, she reminds herself of the impact that the work she wish to practice has on people’s lives and those around them.

Deeksha was awarded for maintaining high academic standard for consecutive years, during her school days. Her achievements include academic studies, cultural activities, community work, conduct and potential leadership. She successfully completed ancient abacus learning up to level five and was certified for it. She received World Book Of Records’ World Star Certification (WSC) London, for participating in India’s largest psychology virtual conference – 2021 on a mission to create an artificial intelligence integrated psychology platform. She firmly believes that learning is a never ending process therefore she declares herself to be a forever student of life.

She is a daughter, a friend and a diabetes caregiver. Her younger brother has been living with type one diabetes for twelve years. Being diagnosed with T1D is an overwhelming experience and living with it requires resilience, persistence and courage. That is something to be proud of. Watching her brother grow stronger and unstoppable though highs and lows encouraged her to be an active member of diabetes fighters. She feels blessed and proud to be a part of an organization which is more like a family who aims to spread awareness and give support to all the strong fighters and their caregivers.

Core Team Member - Collaborations & Development

There are few services which are very important to run an organization.Working away from limelight, this duty requires a lot of dedication & self-motivation. On the surface, Dr. Abinash Biswaranjan Mohapatra(PT) is an accomplished Hospital Administrator with over 2 years of experience in healthcare sector. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 5 years ago, and since then, he has been strongly advocating for timely Diabetes screening and its proper management. 

         He caters to major companies, non-profit organizations, NGO’s and hospitals and has been praised at several platforms and for various tasks by senior corporate executives. His persuasion, negotiation, and liasioning skills are commendable. His opinions are highly valued amongst his peers and within the team and people trust and respect his ideas and suggestions.

Dr. Abinash played a key role in managing “Act Now for Diabetes Rights” initiative, held in 2019 in CP.

Dr. Abinash

HealthCare Management